Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update from Children's HopeChest group in Uganda


Today we went to a village called Ngariam. Ngariam is made up of people who have been traumatized by a nomadic tribe of people called the Karamajong. The Karamajong over the past 50 years have burned their huts and fields, raped their women, abducted some of their children, stolen their cattle and killed anyone who got in their way. To add to that, this area is in the middle of a food crisis. (For those of you who participated in our fund drive for Feed the Forgotten…this is one of the sites where we were able to send food back in June, although there were people who died one day before the food was delivered).

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vast Need: Unified Response

By Dennis Rainey

I’ve been thinking recently of the magnitude of the task before us: If you define an orphan as one who has lost either mother or father, there are more than one hundred and thirty million orphans in the developing world. I’ve been trying to grasp what that looks like and what is needed to truly address a humanitarian crisis of historic portions. Picture the following...

Vast Need: Unified Response

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Here's What's Going On At Houston's First Baptist This Fall!

SEPTEMBER 20th - Milestone Class - "Building Connections that Last for a Lifetime" - Mary Ring (MAMFC, LPC-S, LMFT-S, RPT-S) will be our speaker. Mary is a certified theraplay therapist and trainer and a liscenced professional marriage/family therapist at HFBCs Counseling Center. Mary has worked with numerous adoptivie families and children and we are thrilled to have her come speak to our ministry. We are encouraging each of you to invite your extended family members as this is a great opportunity to help educate grandparents, siblings, and aunts/uncles as well as ourselves. ***At this class we will also have our first HOMECOMING CELEBRATION for Sophie Franklin, new daughter of Kyle and Alyssa Franklin, who came home this July and Matt & Lori Bisson who brought their son, Will, home this August.

NOVEMBER 8th - Milestone Class - We will have two classes to chose from: "Adoption - Myths and Realities" and "Parenting our Adopted Children"

For more information regarding the Adoption and Orphan Care Ministry and Houston's First Baptist go to . Steve & Mary Klein, Ministry Directors 281.246.9904